Expert’s Report and Valuation

In All in All we write reports or expert opinions in the field of construction, architecture or real estate matters. As accredited legal experts we write valid technical reports for legal proceedings or extrajudicial processes that need an expert report as evidence.


What types of expert reports exist?

Expert report to establish the origin of damages

Example: In a newly built single family home, cracks are detected after a year to be occupied by the buyer and wants to know if is due to a construction defect, and is intended to define technically and economically the repair works of the damages.

Expert report to establish the technical and economic issues in contracts, budgets, invoices or certifications.

Example: a subcontractor submits a different certification about what has earned so he hires an expert opinion to rule on the differences in costs.

Expert report to value the damage caused by accidents

Example: A community of owners request, outside insurance, a valuation to value the damage caused by flooding.

Expert report to prove the suitability of works.

Example: A community of homeowners requires an expert report to the neighbor because cracks have been detected presumably due to demolition work and in the neighboring property.

Expert report to verify compliance with the technical regulations.

Example: In a resident’s association a neighbor falls down stairs and want to check if they compliance with the rules.

Expert report to determine descriptive issues of farms, plots or houses.

Example: Two brothers disagree with the layout of the distribution of a plot of inheritance so hire a legal expert to draw up a comparative study between the reality of the plot, and determined by the title of each owner.

Why choose All in All?

  • We have experienced technicians to achieve a high rate of positive involvement .
  • Skilled professionals, legal experts part of in a multidisciplinary team are our best guarantee in any process.

Contact us and explain us your case, we will give the most appropriate and optimal solution for your goals and interests.


What is a valuation?

The appraisal or valuation report is a document signed by a competent professional and is aimed at quantifying all the qualities that the property has, for a purpose described, and carried out with a methodology based on legal regulations. Valuation Objects In Ecocerter we are specialists in the valuation of the following real estate: Finalidades de la tasación:

  • Urban plot (plot) for a building
  • Urban Land (industrial plot) for an industrial unit
  • Rustic plot (hill)
  • Rustic plot (rainfed land, / irrigated land)
  • Flat
  • Single family Home
  • Shop
  • Old building
  • Parking (independent or in the building)
  • Storage room
  • Industrial unit (industrial land settlement or urban)

Valuation purposes: The main reasons for an order are requested:

  • For mortgage
  • Auction
  • Investment
  • insurance
  • In urban purposes
  • Tax purposes
  • For the purpose of land
  • For the purposes of usufruct
  • For the purposes of expropriation
  • For the purposes of free market

Estimation and valuation differences: Evaluation: It is a legal document certifying the value of the property for a purpose described, made with a methodology based on legal regulations. Estimation: It is a report that establishes the approximate value of a property by applying various valuation methods, but has no legal validity because is not made with a methodology based on legal regulations.

In AllinAll we manage of the preparation of all types of property valuation, using the best professionals and apply the appropriate regulations to obtain the best results. We can also to manage all the necessary paperwork. Consult us your case and advise you free of charge, offering the most appropriate solutions.