Opening License

It is the previous and necessary authorization for the opening of establishments for the course of industrial and commercial activities certifying that local has the habitability conditions and appropriate use to accept the economic activity which it is intended

It is mandatory for:

  • The first opening of commercial and industrial establishments.
  • Changes or addition of kinds of applications according to those described in general urban plan.
  • Changes or addition of activities or  title holder , although, do not assume the change or addition of classes of use.
  • The physical modification or extension of local conditions and / or facilities.
  • The use of premises as an aid or complement the core business located in another place with which it does not communicate.

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How are we going to start your business?

1. Free enquiry, visit and estimate:

The first step is to visit the premises to to know your specific case and to offer you, as quickly as possible, a customized estimate. This initial visit does not imply any obligation or cost to you.

Le We provide you support and advice during the business premises choice, so you can know in advance if it requires reforms and if appropriate to the current regulations. If necessary, we perform the previous steps in the corresponding Town Hall to ensure the viability of implementing the business activity .

From here on we take responsibility for  everything concerning licenses, in addition to having at your disposal all our team for technical questions.

2. Technical Documentation Drafting:

We developed the necessary documentation for the license processing :

  • Plans
  • Drafting and Technical Project visa
  • Generation of certificates required by the Town Hall, etc.

In turn, we indicate you the documentation that should give us about your company.

3. Processing

After gathering the necessary documentation, perform the appropriate arrangements with the agencies involved:

  • Environment
  • urban planning
  • Municipal Tax Office

Departments of the Andalusian Government, Industry, etc.

4. Final documentation:

We deliver you the documentation relating to your opening license, digital and in print and ready !!!!.