Project Management

The Project Management discipline covering the organization, planning, motivation and control of resources in order to achieve the proposed objectives to achieve success in one or more projects within the established limits. These limitations are usually: the scope, time, quality and budget. Thus, the purpose of this discipline is to coordinate all available resources to achieve certain objectives; which involves interaction between knowledge, technology, environment, structures, processes, services and products. In this sense, management solutions and project management (methodologies, techniques, technologies, models, resources) must support the process of project management. This process in turn should be successful, based on reasonable principles.

  • Project Management keys to achieving the goals set successfully are:
  • You must have a controlled scope.
  • There must be a constant and effective communication between project stakeholders.
  • The project plan is a way to achieve the objectives, responsibilities and used to measure progress during the project.
  • The objectives are to be agreed between the project manager, the customer and the company management.
  • There must always be supported by the management

What is the role of a Project Manager?

  • To present the project to the client
  • Organization of the tasks on a graph that reflects the times and flows for each team
  • Define goals with deadlines and detailed actions
  • Responsible for communication between different operators
  • Posibles rectifications of problems arising
  • Keep an overview
  • Final presentation with the respective explanation

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