Carry out an inspection both technicaly and urbanisticaly (Survey) of the property before purchasing by industrial engieneers and certified by the professional association

We know the importance at the time of  property purchase , so we  take part 100% in each case. Nothing remains to be checked before the property purchase, from the technical inspection until the inspection of the urban parameters for future licensing, review of entry in the property registration office  and deeds, investigation of any infraction, supply companies, payments or documents that may in the future affect to your home and can be hidden. Index for Surveys:

  1. General Information
  • Building identification
  • Property details
  • Qualified technician´s details who endorse this report
  • General building details
  • Graphic files
2.  History
3.  Objetive of the report

4. visit, condition, documentation and property details

  •  Visit to the property
  • Property condition
  • Registered building and cadastral reference5

5. Documentation and checks

  •  Documentation analyzed
  • Checks performed

6. Construction details

  • Facade
  • Foundation
  • Floor Framing
  • Partition walls
  • Roof
  • Terrace
  • Party wall
  • Windows and doors
7. Building finishes
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

8. Facilities

  • Degree of electrification
  • Supply connection
  • Circuit breaker panel
  • General power line
  • Individual branch
  • Earthing system or grounding system
  • Description general electric
9. State of preservation

10. Final dictum and conclusions

  • Structural security of the laying foundation
  • Structural security of the structure
  • Structural safety of facades and party walls
  • Foundation and floor framing
  • Conclusion
11. Certificates and last payments companies electricity, gas and water

12. Urban planning inspection

  • Checking of all parameters of housing for compliance with the general plan of urban planning management of current municipality
  • Verification of non-infringement urban planning
  • Inspection of any necessary documentation for checking compliance with applicable law
13. Plans