It is the technical documentation to make up for the lack of an Project and a site management. All those buildings are not built on undeveloped land, protected or easily flooded, older than six years and that meet the conditions of health, safety and habitability can be legalized. The main advantages of legalizing buildings on urban land are:

  • The building can enroll and register, place on public record , … and therefore sell.
  • He may, at least license to repair and maintenance works that allow maintaining the security, habitability and health standards of the property.
  • It may request the supply connection of water services, sanitation and electricity

There are mainly two figures:


For properties located on urban land that meet TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING, but they were built without planning permission, or for which the planning has been left out of planning. Implies that the house is incorporated into the urban planning of the municipality with all its rights, the owner has to assume all the obligations (to stand up the urban fees imposed by LOUA), but also enjoying all the advantages (such as the possibility of obtaining license of first occupation or use) and also perform renovation or improvement always planning permits.


They are subject to SAFO regime or “assimilated to legal situation outside the law”. They continue to maintain their legal status of construction on undeveloped land, so it is only “tolerated” by the Administration Do not allow extension works, but however are allowed involving the maintenance of health, safety and habitability. The owner will have to stand up with the costs of access to basic services of water and electricity. They can not get the license of first occupation or carry out extension or improvement works, although they may be sold.

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