What is a valuation

The appraisal or valuation report is a document signed by a competent professional and is aimed at quantifying all the qualities that the property has, for a purpose described, and carried out with a methodology based on legal regulations.

Valuation Objects
In Ecocerter we are specialists in the valuation of the following real estate:

  • Urban plot (plot) for a building
  • Urban Land (industrial plot) for an industrial unit
  • Rustic plot (hill)
  • Rustic plot (rainfed land, / irrigated land)
  • Flat
  • Single family Home
  • Shop
  • Old building
  • Parking (independent or in the building)
  • Storage room
  • Industrial unit (industrial land settlement or urban)

Valuation purposes
The main reasons for an order are requested:

  • For mortgage
  • Auction
  • Investment
  • insurance
  • In urban purposes
  • Tax purposes
  • For the purpose of land
  • For the purposes of usufruct
  • For the purposes of expropriation
  • For the purposes of free market

Estimation and valuation differences:

Evaluation: It is a legal document certifying the value of the property for a purpose described, made with a methodology based on legal regulations.
Estimation: It is a report that establishes the approximate value of a property by applying various valuation methods, but has no legal validity because is not made with a methodology based on legal regulations.

In AllinAll we manage of the preparation of all types of property valuation, using the best professionals and apply the appropriate regulations to obtain the best results.
We can also to manage all the necessary paperwork.
Consult us your case and advise you free of charge, offering the most appropriate solutions.