Troubleshooting with the Town Hall

When Town Hall reports that there has been a urban planning breach, through an inspection, starts an administrative procedure for the urban legality is restored, making a series of actions indicated, within a specified period.

Failure to comply with the above, the disciplinary action will continue its legal course, concluding with the termination and closing down of the activity or the demolition of an illegal construction.

After resolving the administrative procedure to restore legality in urban development it will start, where appropriate, the opening of disciplinary proceedings. Both prodedures are handled on. The payment of the fine in no way legalizes the action, nor acting legalize exempts to pay the fine, notwithstanding the fulfillment of the municipal required in the said period may reduce the amount.


The most common infractions are:
If not previously obtained administrative authorization through licensing, authorizations, orders execution … The following actions will be considered as infraction of the law, and thus will entail the opening of disciplinary proceedings:

  • Carrying out works, implementation or development of uses and activities.
  • Carrying out acts and activities of land transformation for constructions, buildings and facilities is a serious infraction unless:
    • Whether it’s minor works, not legally needed of any technical project and with little impact, in which case the infraction shall be considered minor.
    • Qualified by the urban planning like green areas, free area or public use of general or common interests lands are affected will be considered very serious infractions.
  • Extension works or increase the suitability for building (mezzanines, roofs elevation, basements, rooms, terraces enclosure, penthouses and ground floors …)
  • Destruction or damage to property, elements or cataloged or protected buildings or declared of interest.
  • Intensifications for residential use (housing divisions).
  • The use of public spaces by construction fences, collection of materials, marketing stands .
  • In addition the failure of the precautionary measures taken in the process of restoration of urban legality, like the orders for shutdown and / or suspension of works, sealing off orders or closings down of activities, it constitutes a very serious planning infraction.
  • The refusal or obstruction of inspection work by hampering access to the works or activities to check the legality of these involves a serious offense.