Urban report

In the urban study of any action you want to perform, we must take into account all national, regional and local legislation.

Therefore, our team of architects and engineers and in collaboration with town planners lawyers will be responsible for the development and execution of technical documents and processing in different agencies until final approval.

The design and planning of all necessary documentation for the plan or project will be developed in different steps

  • Development and processing:
  • Territorial ordinance: town and country planning plans and projects of regional interest.
  • General planning: general plans and zoning plans.
  • Development planning: partial plans, special plans and detailed studies.

Development and processing of urban management resources:

  • Equidistribución projects (land subdivision, compensation, etc.).
  • Expropriation (joint or individual valuation).

Planning agreements: negotiation, drafting and agreements processing of urban planning and management

Compensation boards and urban conservation entities: creation of urban entities of collaboration and advice.

Property developer agent: drafting and implementation of integrated action programs or developer.

  • Carrying out of authorizations and urban licenses:
  • Carrying out authorizations, and specific permissions (authorizations on rural land, commercial licenses, tourist authorizations, etc.).
  • Carrying out of municipal urban licenses (building licenses, activity, occupation or operation).

Realization of  of real estate projects (due diligence urban):

  • Urban analysis of the affected lands.
  • Control and monitoring of administrative and technical processes of urban transformation.
  • Verification of authorizations and licenses enforceable.
  • Analysis of compliance with the requirements imposed by the applicable sectoral legislation.
  • Verifying the existence of procedures for restoration of legality or sanction.


Pre litigious and litigious:

  • Advice on protection proceedings of urban legality, closure orders and infractions.
  • Administrative and judicial review procedures concerning the passing of resources of urban planning and management, and related to the denial of licenses or the imposition of penalties.